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   Important Warnings

Dear users,

Due to an extreme shortage of doctors during the month of December, we were forced to reformulate the activity of Via Verde Saúde Seixal.

At Polo Corroios, only nursing activities, maternal and child health surveillance and medical response to urgent situations will continue, within existing capacity.

At Polo Amora there will be no medical activity, only nursing activities will remain.

We hope to be able to resume normal activity during the month of January.

Grateful for the understanding

The Coordinator of Via Verde Saúde Seixal

Alexandra Fernandes

OPENING OF VIA VERDE SAÚDE SEIXAL IN AMORA (09/10/2023) - Starting today, the hours of consultation in Amora will change:

How to make appointments: Booking medical consultation (urgent cases): call 808 24 24 24  - works for both health centers.

(CHANGE - it will be possible to schedule an urgent appointment in person starting 8:00h at the Amora center).

   Issuance of sick leave due to acute illness

Our mission: 

Provide quality primary health care to residents of the municipality of Seixal who still do not have a family doctor/nurse.

What do we offer: